Fight the Good Fight

We as Christians can have difficulties fighting the good fight of faith (1 Tim 6:12), we often want God to get more involved in our situation and to do everything for us. The Bible is full of situations where we have a man crying out to God for help. One example from many is Moses, when the Egyptians were in hot pursuit, and the sea in front of them… and they were sore afraid… sounds familiar !!!!
Now Moses was in a very difficult position, so what did he do? He prayed to God, and here was God’s answer – “Why criest thou onto me?” (Ex. 14:15)

This is usually not the kind of answer we are looking for, and Jesus had many similar responses like this to the apostles. God is telling us, “…lift up thy rod and stretch out thine hand” (Ex. 4:16), “I am with you, I have blessed you with all spiritual blessings” Eph 1:3), we have been translated in the kingdom of His dear son Col. 1:13, we have been delivered from the power of darkness.

The new covenant is about what Jesus has accomplished for us, it is finished. Once you make your mind up that Jesus has done these things for us, you will begin to fight and insist on seeing the victory God has given you, and once this starts you will have victory over your oppressors. It can take a while, and it is sometimes not easy, but if you persist you will have the victory that is promised to you, even if the wiles of the enemy (Eph. 6:11) try to fool us into thinking that it is not done, and that surely the Word of God is not true…

We all have to exercise the authority we all have been given over the enemy (Luke 10:19 Matt 10:1 Acts 10:38) and to confront the oppressive spirits that are behind these thoughts and accusations that have held you in bondage to depression. When you persist and fail not, you will be delivered from the depression. One of the biggest hindrances to Christians being set free is not a lack of faith, it is because we give up too easily. The enemy knows us well, and he knows if he persists that we will give up and doubt the Word, and let the enemy hold us in bondage.
Never give up, the Word can not fail if we persist. Remember that it says. “resist the devil and he will flee” (James 4:7). This is absolute, this is truth, make your mind up, be steadfast.

Decide that you are fed up living under a cloud of bipolar depression, now that you know that there is a spiritual oppression seeking to steal your zest for life. Decide that you are going to use the authority given to you. Rise up, be resolved and you will get back what has been stolen from you, you will get your life back with peace and joy John 14:27. When you get set free like many before you, you honor the finished work of Jesus and you are glorying God. You are answering the prayer that Jesus taught and making His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. You are advancing the kingdom of God, while pushing the kingdoms of darkness back. This is why you have a battle on your hands, these spiritual oppressors don’t like to lose, they will persist and resist you. Your prayer should go something like this, this is not a formula, intimacy is the key, and mean what you says:

This prayer is based on Jesus’s teaching in Mark 11:23-24
Thank you Jesus, you are in me, and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world 1 John 4:4. In the name of Jesus, I come against this oppression that has been hounding me for years, I break your power over me now in the name of Jesus. I cast out all thoughts that speak against me, any voices or thoughts that condemn or bring guilt, any thought that condemns me. I am a son/daughter in good standing with my Father, not because I have done things right, but because Jesus has done everything right and I am right before you Father, because of what Jesus has done for me. I stand against these spiritual forces in the name of Jesus, the truth is setting me free and who the Son set free is free indeed……..Thank you Jesus.

Pray this prayer, two or three times a day, you will begin to realize a change. After a while you will begin to feel what we call the taste of victory, something inside is telling you that things are changing. It takes a while and there can be failures and hard times when things don’t look so good. However, the sweet taste of victory keeps coming and you begin to realize that the Word is really setting you free. Oh, what joy that comes from knowing that the Word is setting you free; Oh, the sweetness of knowing that the Son is setting you free, this is what Peter was referring to in 1Peter 1:8, joy unspeakable. You will know when you first start to taste the sweet smell of victory. You can totally change your life around, when you keep after it, realizing what the enemy has been trying to do. When you change the way you think and speak, you change from a victim mentality to a victory mentality, by concentrating on the Word and taking authority over these spiritual oppressors that bring bipolar depression.

The Word of God can not fail… it’s eternal, it’s alive, and it has the power to save, heal and deliver, which it has been doing for centuries and will continue to do, until He comes back.

A word about faith:
Why is it that Paul never encourages us to have faith, and why did he rarely talk about a lack of faith? You would not be a Christian if you lacked faith, you have been given a measure of faith (Rom. 12:3). Jesus said all you needed was a mustard seed of faith to accomplish things. Jesus was speaking to unregenerated people who could not be regenerated until He had been risen from the dead, and the penalty of sin had been paid for. Paul was speaking to Christians, who obviously had/have faith. What you may not have is knowledge of the Word, but all you have to do is to act on the Word and you know you have faith. Faith without action is dead (James 2:20 – 2:26). Acting on the Word proves you have faith; if you did not have faith you would not act. So this is the truth, that if you are acting on the Word, you have faith, it is as simple as that. Faith is usually not the issue, but persistence and hanging in there when things get tough is usually the real problem.

A word on victimization:
The victim mentality manifests itself in many different ways. First, there is self-pity. Of course, everyone falls into the pit of pity on occasion, but this is different. It is a permanent odor that screams, “Look at me! I’m different. My life is worse than everyone else!” Second, there is a sense of entitlement. Perhaps it manifests itself in expecting favors without feeling that you need to return them. Life is easier when you can play the blame game. The blame game makes it easy for your life not to move forward or for you to grow. Once the door of victimization and trauma is open in your life, it remains open until you (the victim) slam it shut.

If this victim mentality sounds familiar to you, then you must take action and shut it down. Decide not to think this way, pull these thoughts down, and replace them with truth from the Scriptures. The truth will set you free, but it may make you real mad when you recognize the truth about yourself, but first, you must recognize and acknowledge that you have these tendencies. The truth can not set you free if you allow yourself to stay in self-delusion. God will not keep you from coming out of depression, the New Covenant is clear on this, He would never hold back. However, these oppressors want you to feel sorry for yourself, and ultimately they want you to blame God for your misery.

John 10:10 The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy of your soul wants to destroy you, and God wants you to know that you have an enemy that wants you to commit suicide. You have the Holy Spirit leading you into all truth, you have Jesus in you and He is your Advocate at the right hand of your Father. You have the truth from the Word of God that the world does not have, and will never understand. Now you have to stand up and say… enough, I will take my life back, I know that spiritual oppressors from hell have been attacking me and I will fight back and win

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