Opportunity for Short Term Missionaries

Are you going on a short term missionary trip soon?

Would you like to leave a lasting impact well after you and your team have returned?


Myself, I have worked both as a short term and long term missionary in various countries. Its always a thrill to see people respond to the Good News about Jesus. As you may know, there are many areas in the world where people are very hungry for the Word of God. They will respond to evangelistic preaching.

However, we also know that real followers of Jesus need the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God. One of the most important things is for people to have the opportunity to receive a Bible of their own, and also to connect with others who can help explain it to them. There are a number of excellent organisations which concentrate on Bible distribution, which is great.

You might be interested in helping take this education, discipling and ongoing evangelization of people to the next level. We have developed a tool which is very helpful for this purpose. It includes a Bible both in written and audio form, but also has other tools built into it.

android-tablet3-800It is a modified Android tablet. The tablet is locked down so it can only be used for approved Christian or educational purposes. People who receive it can’t use it to spend hours playing games, or watching dubious videos.

But they can access a growing range of quality video and audio content, as well as documents and specialised apps, many of which are in their own language.

These tablets are pre-loaded with enough content to make a powerful evangelistic impact – with things like the Jesus movie. testimonies, audio Bibles in the local language plus English, some basic literacy apps, discipleship programs, and a whole lot more!

The goal is to give great resources local church planters, pastors and lay leaders can use to encourage entire households to come to know the salvation that is in Jesus Christ, and to really start following Him.

The tablets do not need internet to run, but if they are brought to a place where there is wifi, it is possible to connect to our special server and download more encrypted content for storing and playing locally on the device.

These tablets are available for purchase normally for US$99.

But for a limited time we are offering them at the special price of US$79, including access to our server.

Can you imagine how delighted the people you are reaching would be to receive one or two of these devices. We suggest you don’t give them away, but charge a nominal amount of money in order to ensure that the people receiving them really do value and use them.

Are you interested? Contact us with your details or just go directly and purchase here. Free delivery within the United States.
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