Missionary Training by Tablet

We believe in missionary training because there is no more important task on earth than bringing the true knowledge of God to people.

Missionary Training Android Tablet resources

Missionary Training Tablet

Our tablets are pre-loaded with content that effectively teaches local missionaries how to reach out, how to preach the gospel, how to establish home churches, how to minister healing and deliverance like Jesus and more.

We also provide digital tools showing video tracts, powerful testimonies, audio Bibles and other electronic Bible apps – in many different languages. Content can be customized for your exact training objectives.

Jesus Christ told us to make disciples, and disciples should become workers in the gospel harvest field of the world. We believe this job should be done with excellence. We need to remain focused on this task, which is why we offer the option of locking down these tablets for approved content only.

If you have particular materials you would like to share with the world using our project, please let us know about them.

If you want to grab hold of a convenient tool you can keep in your pocket, which empowers you or anyone else to share powerful messages of God’s love and truth, contact us today and we’ll be glad to give you more information.