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Digital Missions Android Tablet

We partner with missionaries and local ministers of the gospel to reach people with the best content for them. In any language. ps-lili-with-tablet
      This Safe Tablet

  • Evangelises Anywhere
  • Educates Anywhere
  • Disciples Anywhere
  • Provides BIBLES Anywhere
  • Inspires Anywhere
  • Does not depend on Internet
  • Optional SOLAR charging!
Tablet-CloseUpThis Tablet is different!
Whitelisted Content ONLYAllows NO access to

  • Distractions
  • Unclean Videos or Music
  • Time Wasting Games
  • Other bad stuff
Plays preloaded audios and videos.Limits internet access and videos to
only pre-chosen sites and videos.

Allows certain third party apps.
People can create small learning groups and access quality content to
help them introduce people to faith and grow in Christ.
Allows Church Planters and Short Term Missionaries to Create Long
Term Impact

Follow Up Systems Built In!
Use to share Video Testimonies from Person to Person in Local Language.We produce these regularly.  testimony-picture
Children and adults can:Learn to Read Learn English
Learn of God’s Love!
Shows Christian Movies to present Jesus and Biblical themes Provides a platform for Christian filmmakers and musicians to reach out  jesus-praying-to-blind
Never Grows Old. Content updates:

  • via our special server and app
  • via encrypted SD card

All content is stored encrypted!

Provides Free Scripture in Music and other Christian Gospel Music made
available by generous songwriters and musicians.
Provides Discipleship courses, tracts, teachings in PDF format.Educational courses can be provided on ANY helpful subject.Content can be in any Language. elements.ng
Up to 4GB of Preloaded Audio Content

  • Audio Bible
  • Teaching Audios
  • English Lessons
  • No need for Internet
  • Expandable Via SD Card

How You Can Help

We need prayer support, financial support, translators, admin volunteers and content providers for this project.

Most people pray better when they give some money because our heart follows our investments. Even a one-time gift can make a huge difference for an ENTIRE community. So why not do it?

This tablet is estimated to Retail for Around US$69 fully loaded with content!

The true value of these devices will be in the hundreds of dollars. However some people in our target regions will be able to purchase these for around $US20. We want to help poor church planters, families and missions by subsidizing it. You can help.

Why not Give it out Free?

People always value and use something they buy, more than something given to them. Almost everyone who can afford to eat can afford these. But we invite partners who would like to subsidize the production and distribution so that as many people as possible, beginning with local missionaries, will be able to use these marvellous tools.

We find church planters, Bible College Students, short term missionaries and hungry souls who want to use this tool.

Would you like to help us put these tablets in the hands of people who will use them?

Please contact us now using the form below. Comments or questions are also welcome.

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